36,00 - 38,00

X2-OV R – X2-OV F – X2-OV B –

Wand Features Vibrawell extra hard
Wand Features Vibrawell oval head 28/23 mm
Wand Features Vibrawell tube
Wand Features Vibrawell rattan, fiberglass or wood handle

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Sold in pairs of 2 chopsticks


X2-OV R – X2-OV F – X2-OV B

multipercussion mallets – concert

extra hard

head: oval Diam. 28 / H 23 mm – boxwood

some R: rattan Ø 8.5, F: fiberglass Ø 8/4 or B: wood Ø 8 / length 380 mm

the pair

A custom wand?

You want a percussion stick, but you can't find the one you need?
We can make them to measure or modify details!

❯ You can specify the length of rattan, wood or bamboo handles at no extra charge.

❯ We can modify the color, weight, hardness and rebound for you according to your needs for an additional charge.

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