Discover our different Timpani mallets for Study, Concert and Signature!

Drumsticks Timpani

A timpani stick is intended to make the skin vibrate. It generally consists of a core and an envelope. Depending on the model, the core can be made of cork, wood or rubber. A felt envelope of different thicknesses is then sewn and tightened on this core, in order to modulate its sound.
Finally, the head rests on a handle traditionally made of bamboo, or wood.
Discover our different ranges: Study, Concert, and Signature – Marcel Artzer.


This first range, intended more for beginners, is made up of 5 main models, with all the hardness necessary for learning. Excellent value for money!


In this very extensive range (more than 10 different hardnesses), you will have the choice between spherical or cylindrical heads, the thickness of the handles (10, 11 or 12mm), and the addition of grips! We take great care with the finishes: no more creases are visible (which allows faster access to the final sound of the stick), and the handles are carefully selected and oiled.

Signature – Marcel Artzer

Here is the working tool of Marcel Artzer, the famous timpanist of the National Orchestra of Lorraine. His experience and his dexterity led to the manufacture of 7 unique models, and perfected with high standards. The sleeves are Ø11mm, with standard grips. The wands come with a beautiful silky case.