Discover our different Vibraphone mallets for Study, Concert, Jazz and Signature!

Vibraphone Wand

A vibraphone wand produces sound upon impact with the metal blades of the instrument. The core, mainly rubber, is wrapped in a fine wool. The sound depends in part on the composition and hardness of the rubber core. Intermediate layers can be added to provide a "double sound" or rebound effect. Finally, the tension of the wire during winding can vary the sound.
The head is fitted on rattan (appreciated for its flexibility), wood (more rigid) or fiberglass handles (rigidity at the bottom of the handle, and low flexibility at the level of the head).
Discover our different ranges: Study, Concert, Jazz, Gaston Sylvestre, and Signature – Pascal Schumacher.


This first range, intended more for beginners, is made up of 6 main models, with all the hardness necessary for learning. These drumsticks are versatile for the vibraphone as well as the marimba. Excellent value for money!


In this extensive range (13 different hardnesses!), you will be able to find the exact sound you are looking for, by choosing your favorite handle (rattan, wood or fibreglass). We take great care with the finishes: additional seams are added to provide aesthetics and resistance, and the sleeves are carefully selected and oiled. It is useful to specify that even-numbered models (V2, V4, V6, etc.) are “double sound” mallets. These drumsticks are versatile for the vibraphone as well as the marimba.

Jazz / Benoit Lavollee

The idea was to find the sound of American jazz vibraphonists (Milt Jackson, Stefon Harris, Warren Wolf...), heavy heads for a wide and round sound, always keeping the clarity and precision of the attacks on the whole the range of the vibraphone (but also of the marimba) all with short and thin handles (365mm) for maximum rebound. They are also comfortable on a vibraphone or a marimba.

The Jazz series is rather intended exclusively for the practice of this musical style, thanks to slightly lighter heads, a very tight cotton envelope (for a dull and precise sound), and thin necks.

Gaston Sylvester

This range from the origins of Vibrawell was created by and for Gaston Sylvestre, the experienced percussionist of the 60s and 70s. Light cotton heads, and shorter handles (380mm).
Gaston Sylvester
Vibraphone Wand Pascal Schumacher

Signature – Pascal Schumacher

Here is the working tool of Pascal Schumacher, the famous Luxembourgish vibraphonist. His experience and his dexterity led to the manufacture of 5 unique models, and perfected with high standards. Their particularity is to have a little more weight, in order to easily lead to a deep sound, to be handled therefore by more experienced musicians. Needless to say that Pascal mainly plays with the new-solo PS5 model ;-)