ROHEMA Drum Stick / Drum / Conducting

Discover the different Snare Drumsticks and Drumsticks (ROHEMA) for Concert Snare Drums, Drums, Marching, Percussion, Drums and Conducting!

Drumstick ROHEMA Drumstick / Drumstick / Conducting

We also wanted to offer percussionists drumsticks, snare drums or drumsticks, in order to have a complete set. However, our artisanal activity does not allow us to manufacture these sticks, because they rather obey an industrial manufacturing logic. This is why we have chosen to sell the products of the excellent German brand Rohema, where quality and resistance correspond to our philosophy.
Also discover the conducting sticks for conductors, and take advantage of the personalized engraving also offered on all these products!

Drumsticks Drumsticks ROHEMA Concert Snare Drum

ROHEMA concert

Discover 6 models of snare drum sticks, with round olives, rosewood, or Hornwood, an assembly of thin 0.7mm beech slabs. Denser and more balanced than Hickory, it provides longer stick life and a brighter sound.

ROHEMA battery

Drum sticks are usually made of Hickory, a very dense American wood renowned for its resistance. Standard sizes for all brands are present (7A, 5A, 5B…), as well as more unusual models. You will also find excellent rods made of 19 strands of bamboo, as well as jazz brushes.
Drumsticks Drumsticks ROHEMA Marching Snare Drum

Marching ROHEMA

Marching bass drum sticks with wood, composite or aluminum handles.

parade drum

2 drum models prototyped by us (produced by Rohema), in order to meet a complete demand.

ROHEMA Steering Wand

Each composer has his own wand, with pommel in wood or cork, and stem in carbon, fiberglass or painted wood.