Discover our different Xylophone mallets for Etude and Glockenspiel!

Xylophone Wand

Unlike vibraphone or marimba sticks, the head of xylophone sticks is "bare". It does not have an envelope, it is the core alone that produces the sound upon impact with the wooden or kelon (composite) blades of the instrument.
The head is fitted on rattan (appreciated for its flexibility), wood (more rigid) or fiberglass handles (rigidity at the bottom of the handle, and low flexibility at the level of the head).
Discover our different ranges: Study, Concert, Glockenspiel and Multipercussion.


This first range, intended more for beginners, is made up of 7 main models, with all the hardness necessary for learning. The handles are only in wood, and the heads of Ø25mm. Excellent value for money!


In this extensive range, you will discover very specific hardnesses, in relation to the composition and density of the heads: hard plastic, wood (wood) and rubber. The advantage is to be able to choose the size of the head: 25mm or 30mm. Great care is taken in the appearance of the cores and in the selection of the handles (rattan, wood or fibreglass).


This series is intended to produce the most magical and crystal clear sound on the glockenspiel and metallophone. This is possible thanks to brass or hard plastic heads, in a multitude of sizes: from Ø15mm to 30mm.

Multipercussion / Superball
/ Bass drum

Hit, scrape, rub, ring a multitude of objects and media. Here is the famous series of very soft rubber Superballs, spherical or half-spherical, as well as other multi-percussion or concert bass drum sticks.