Discover our different Marimba mallets for Concert, Marimba Vibra and Signature!

Marimba stick

A marimba stick produces sound upon impact with the wooden blades of the instrument. The core, especially in wood or rubber, is wrapped in a strong wool. The sound depends in part on the composition and hardness of the core, as well as the intermediate layers under the wool: felt, baize, latex, etc., which provide, for example, a "double-sound" effect or rebound. Finally, the tension of the wire during winding can vary the sound.
The head is fitted with rattan (appreciated for its flexibility) or wood (more rigid).
Discover our different ranges: Etude, Concert, Marimba-Vibra, Gaston Sylvestre and Signature – Vassilena Serafimova.


This first range, intended more for beginners, is made up of 6 main models, with all the hardness necessary for learning. These drumsticks are versatile for the marimba as well as the vibraphone. Excellent value for money!


In this range, you will discover very specific series: MA… (multipurpose sticks with small rubber core), M2T… (double-tone sticks with wooden and felt core), MB… (more bass marimba), ME… (bass wooden with latex for rebound), and MF…. (weighted felt core). Great care is taken in the sewing and in the selection of the handles (rattan or wood).

Marimba Vibra

This range takes up the very versatile mallets for the marimba of the "Concert" series for vibraphone. You will find more than 11 different hardnesses, choosing your favorite handle (rattan, wood or fiberglass). We take great care with the finishes: additional seams are added to provide aesthetics and resistance, and the sleeves are carefully selected and oiled. It is useful to specify that even-numbered models (V2, V4, V6, etc.) are “double sound” mallets.

Gaston Sylvester

This range from the origins of Vibrawell was created by and for Gaston Sylvestre, the experienced percussionist of the 60s and 70s. Buds light thanks to small wooden cores, but full of vitality and bounce. The sleeves are a little shorter (410mm).


Signature – Vassilena Serafimova

Here are the sticks of the famous Bulgarian marimbist! They are easily recognized by their stitching in the form of sunbeams below the head. His experience and dexterity led to the manufacture of 7 unique models, available with rattan or wooden handles. Thick rubber cores give them a certain weight, but which allow them to easily produce a deep sound rich in harmonics, to be handled therefore by more experienced musicians. If you have the eye, you must have noticed that Vassilena often has several different sticks in her set, with for example a softer stick on the far left (VS5 or VS6), 2 versatile sticks in the center (VS3 or VS4) and a harder all right (VS2) ☺